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Exposiciones Colectivas, Intercambios

Plot@rt Europa

http://www.plot@rt.europa del 16 de septiembre al 16 de octubre de 2005

Exposición colectiva de 170 artistas contemporáneos

El objeto de la propuesta es realizar una muestra de fotografía digital en varias ciudades europeas al mismo tiempo. Los artistas seleccionados trabajan en torno al concepto viaje con la intención de obtener un resultado diversificado y distinto que sirva para fortalecer la conexión de lugares y artistas. Cada centro seleccionado ha aportado una serie de artistas que se han repartido por otros lugares y así con todos de tal forma que el resultado es la obra de 170 artistas contemporáneos repartidos por 10 centros europeos.

Inauguración entre todos los espacios expositivos europeos con conexión web-cam: Viernes 16 de septiembre 2005, a partir de las 18.00h .

De 16 de septiembre a 16 de octubre de 2005: Exposiciones en todos los espacios europeo elegidos.

De 17 a 30 de Noviembre 2005: Videoproyección de la obra de todos los artistas, Museo Laboratorio de Arte Contemporaneo de Roma.

De 19 de Noviembre 2005 a 20 de enero 2006: Exposición de todo el proyecto en el Centro Per l’Arte Contemporanea Castello Colonna, Genazzano (Roma).


Athens Dot Galerie , Berlin Galerie Penkopf , Diest (Belgium) Galerie Art Diest , Lugano Carlo Molineris Foundation , Madrid Galleria Blanca Soto , Paris Galerie Espacio Kiron , Rome Galleria Arturate , Spijkenisse (Rotterdam) Rar Galerie, Viborg Studio Senko , Valencia la Sala Naranja : set-up in a rigorous way contemporaneously through a system of web-cams.

Rome : Contemporary Art Workshop Museum: Presentation of the international exhibition of contemporary art http://www.plot@rt.europa , a display of 10 works (with dimensions 240x 160), projection of the iconographic body taken from the catalogue, presentation of the video taken in the different European cities.

International Center for Contemporary Art at the Castle Colonna of Genazzano : the works of the 170 artists will be presented and reunited as a whole.


Friday the 16 th of September 2005 at 19.00 hours in web-cam connection with the European cities

Thursday the 17 th of November 2005 at 18.30 hours The Contemporary Art Workshop Museum, Rome, Italy

Saturday the 19 th of November at 19.00 hours The Castle Colonna of Genazzano. Italy : live web-cam connection with the Workshop Museum in Rome.


Europe from the 16 th of September 2005 through to the 16 th of October 2005

The Contemporary Art Workshop Museum, Rome from the 17 th of November 2005 through to the 30 th of November 2005

The International Centre for Contemporary Art at the Colonna Castle, Genazzano from the 19 th of November 2005 through to the 20 th of January 2006

IDEA AND ORGANIZATION: Arturarte Gallery , owner Massimo Lupoli

EXHIBITION AND CATALOGUE CURATORS: Massimo Lupoli, Gianluca Marziani

ART CRITICS : Toni Calderón, Elise Desserne, Stefano Elena, Francesco Gesti, Myrtia Nikolapoulos, Ilaria Sallusti, Luigina Rossi, Nori Zandomenego, Elena Casero.

PRESS OFFICE: Luigina Rossi

On the 16 th of September 2005 at 19.00 hours , contemporaneously live from the cities of Athens, Berlin, Diest (Belgium) , Lugano, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Spijkenisse (Rotterdam) Viborg, Valencia, all frenzied cities in continuous evolution for contemporary art, http://www.plot@rt.europa the collection will open – the event of the year that interacts strongly with multi-media instruments. A sophisticated system of web-cams, constantly in contact and in communication one with the other, during the opening and during the whole period of the display, will provide the opportunity to view the works scattered all over Europe live.

It concerns an ambitious project for contemporary art carried out with surprising determination by the Gallery Arturarte, owned by Massimo Lupoli who has played an important role in coordinating, as well as selecting, the 170 artists and the various galleries all over Europe during the last three years.

And as the subject travelling has been the pivot point of the emotional choice of the artists, likewise a physical journey of the works towards Italy will permit them to be set-up in the spacious halls of the Castle of Gennazzano; all the works will reach the public of the capital live, with the help of a sophisticated system of web-cams, and they will be appreciated in the spacious hall of the Contemporary Art Workshop Museum.

The journey as a memory of situations, places and people; the subject of travelling to leave the artists free to space out in images and colors, in interior emotional dimensions or in external vibrations of reality. Again the journey was the idea behind the attempt to unify the complex and creatively dynamic iconographic body as all the works were printed in plotter size 80 x 120 cm,: which was thought to represent a car window, that visual space that limits towards the exterior and that sees the memories of adventurous and interior tracks passing by quickly.

http://www.plot@rt.europa proposes a series of works of high formal profile to the international public using for the whole set-up the same identical and innovative technique; the Gallery Arturarte of Massimo Lupoli has moreover already proven on other exhibition occasions the excellent technical possibilities of the plotter that interacts at very high levels with the creative language of the artists.

In this way the project assumes all the characteristics so as to be remembered as an extraordinary cultural event of the year 2005;the preview will take place in The Workshop Museum, Rome (17 th of November 2005) with a display of 10 works with the dimensions 240×160, symbolic of the project; a presentation of the catalogue in video, projecting the video with all the European centers; and a press meeting.

The iconographic body as a whole will be presented at the Castle of Genazzano, in the nobles’ rooms, however on the opening day the works again leave the physical space to return to the atmosphere of virtual perception and will be connected via web-cam to the Workshop Museum, Rome.

Virtual visibility that will alternate with the physical set-up of the 10 works in the Museum of Rome, iconographic symbol of every European city involved.

Two Italian centers, Rome and Genazzano, Genazzano and Rome, to invite the public to discover important collections of works that highlight the contemporary direction.

Press Office: Luigina Rossi 339/3025561


Via Cassia km 36,300 Zona Industriale Settevene, Nepi (VT)

tel. & fax 0761 527955 – 0761 527971.

e-mail: arturarte@tiscali.it , Web : http://www.arturarte.com



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